Tax Planning

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Client Centered

At Gottlieb Wealth Management, we take a comprehensive approach to retirement and financial planning and create customized plans that seek to clearly discuss and illustrate to our clients where the gaps are – and how to correct them. First, we listen to our clients to understand their unique goals and after a through review of tax returns, financial statements, and ancillary financial documents, get a clear picture of their current financial life. We then analyze the current plan, identify any shortfalls, and prioritize any resulting recommendations. The implementation of your tax efficient retirement income strategy requires a sophisticated approach to your investments and income sources to seeking to allow you to receive your income, with the approach to mitigating taxes.

Client Centered

We provide advanced strategic tax planning, tax analysis, and proper investment allocation to effectively reduce unnecessary tax implications. We are trained and experienced in the opportunities available to high-net worth individuals and businesses, as well as the challenges they face. We know the burden taxes can have on the creation, preservation and transfer of wealth, and the importance of proper reporting.

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