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The internet has made the world our oyster. It's clear that information is more readily available than ever before and that there's almost no reason to be uninformed about investing and personal finance anymore.

However, you might need more clarity when it comes to money, especially if you are just getting started in your career. And with the numerous resources available online, it can be pretty challenging to know what is in your best interest. This is where a financial advisor for millennials comes in. Gottlieb Wealth Management will work with you seeking to give you a customized financial solution and empower you to take control of your finances. 

Why Millennials Need a Financial Advisor

Millennials face a unique set of economic challenges. They have been hit with flat or falling wages, the highest levels of unemployment since the Great Depression, and difficulty in finding well-paid jobs. They are also more likely to have debts from past financial mistakes (like credit card debt) and are more likely to be saddled with student loan debt. With that in mind, it makes perfect sense why so many millennials struggle with finances. However, just because you are young does not mean you are doomed to spend your life in debt or broke. It just means you need someone to help guide you through these difficult times and show you how to get your finances on track.

The right financial advisor for millennials aims to help you become proactive about your finances and take the necessary steps towards building your financial security.

How Does a Financial Advisor Help Millennials?

How Does a Financial Advisor Help Millennials?

What Gottlieb Wealth Management Can Do for You

Millennials are constantly looking for ways to manage their money with ease. But, with the help of a financial advisor, you can learn how to invest your money wisely and start saving for your future. Here is how a Gen Y financial planner can help.

Provides Investment Advice and Financial Planning

Financial planning is essential to anyone with goals such as buying a home or paying off student loans. However, when faced with many choices and little money, it is hard to decide which investments are suitable for you.

A Gen Y financial planner strives to help you make better decisions about where to put your money by explaining all of the different options available to you and helping you figure out what will work best for your situation and goals.

Our mission is to free you from the complicated and confusing world of investing. We seek to lay out your options clearly so that you can select the investment portfolio that is right for you.

Considers Your Risk-tolerance

Most millennials are poor long-term investors. They tend to be impatient and buy at the wrong times, sell when everyone else is, and overreact to short-term market fluctuations. This can leave them with an investment portfolio that does not reflect their risk tolerance or keep up with inflation.

A good millennial financial planner should aim to help you create a plan that fits your life, tastes, and goals by considering your current financial condition, your risk tolerance, and the amount of time you have until retirement.

We are the specialist you can seek with the goal to help you discover your best investment plan. We strive to put everything on your radar so that you can select investments based on your situation and goals.

Wealth Management

We recognize the needs of young adults are changing. So we are redefining wealth management for millennials, incorporating technology and innovative policy solutions to help our clients build, grow and preserve their wealth over the long term.

Retirement Planning

The high cost of housing, student loans, and high living costs are widespread in US cities. It means millennials have to save more for a longer period and have less income left over for retirement savings than older generations did at the same age. Moreover, compared to their older counterparts, they start their career later, which means less time to save for retirement.

As a financial advisor for millennials, we gather comprehensive information about each of our client's goals and objectives and integrate this information with the current market conditions to striving to ensure a smooth transition into retirement.

Helps You Avoid Investment Scams

Technology has brought the ability to communicate and invest remotely, but it's also made it incredibly easy to get ripped off. Millennials should seek help from a financial advisor they can collaborate with to protect them from investment scams.

As your financial advisor, our team aims to help you steer clear of common traps and provide straightforward advice to help you feel confident that your money is being used in the right way.

Helps You Minimize Your Tax Burden

The right financial advisor for millennials can help you pursue your goals and minimize tax liabilities. First, we consider how much you are making per year in salary and what it is being spent on. From there, we determine how much sheltering your money via investment might cost you in terms of tax by taking into account things like salary, RRSP contributions, TFSAs, and any other assets or extra income (like stock dividends).

Enhances Your Financially Literacy

The key to making the right financial decisions is to help you become more financially literate. As a financial advisor for millennials, our primary goal is to help you make better spending and investing decisions. We do this by teaching you about the different financial options you have, getting an accurate picture of your situation, and explaining the benefits of each one in a way that is easy to understand.

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