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Our Approach

At Gottlieb Wealth Management, we take the responsibility of your wealth management with the utmost respect. We believe a key to our successful client relationships is our honest and open communication. It is a priority to keep our clients abreast of important changes that could impact their plans and proper guidance in order to give their finances and retirement matters the best attention.

From our initial meeting, clients will feel and understand the Gottlieb Wealth Management difference. We work closely with our clients to create a comprehensive wealth plan and tax efficient strategy aligned with your specific requirements, objectives and most often your dreams. Our approach involves careful attention to detail, the highest level of personalization, and service that exceeds expectations and continually value our client relationships.

As such, we believe:

  • A relationship is formed through candid conversations, data gathering and understanding the client’s objectives.

  • For each client we develop and design a long-term financial and retirement income strategy. Factors such as income requirements, current assets, taxes, risk management and legacy planning are all components in building and maintaining a successful strategy.

  • We develop, implement and manage retirement strategies in the most tax efficient manner, while always doing what is in our client’s best interests.

  • We utilize a very disciplined and consistent investment approach focused on your long-term strategy and understanding your financial requirements throughout your lifetime.

  • We are sensitive to costs, fees and expenses and provide ongoing value-added services as a result.

  • Knowledge is the basis for decision making. Our wisdom and experience allows us to guide the decision process while maintaining each client’s financial and retirement income strategy. Financial planning is not a “one shoe fits all” process.

  • Monitoring is the foundation of the ongoing relationship. Strategy and planning are not static. Each client’s strategy allows for flexibility as changes occur - such as income, family, health, economic and tax changes.

While our commitment to delivering an exceptional client experience is a powerful compass, our honesty, professionalism and integrity is our core. Every time you contact us we will make your needs our priority in order to ensure you have a truly positive and rewarding long term financial relationship with us.